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Facebook Login Process Simplifies Apple TV Application

Facebook announced this week to Apple TV tvOS developer provides its own SDK. While the company claims that this SDK allows developers to own Apple TV applications which integrate social features, but the biggest advantage is that you can use Facebook login feature that allows users to use their account to log on to the social networking application tvOS Among the program.

If you choose to use Facebook account to log system, the screen will appear 8-character alphanumeric code. Then, the user uses a smart phone or computer input code, through the Facebook site license application.

While it may not be the best ever login system, but this is a significant improvement Apple TV application logon mode. Currently, Apple TV APP among users must enter their e-mail / user name and password, but requires the use of Siri remote control, through the screen soft keyboard input, each application logon must repeat the process.

Unlike the previous generation of Apple TV, the new fourth generation Apple TV does not support the Apple iOS remote application that allows using the device keyboard for text input. Similarly, although the new Apple TV can be remote commands via Siri, but there is no way to use it for text input.

In addition to support for login, Facebook said its tvOS SDK enables developers to provide users with a typical social sharing features, which include the sharing of such as photos, videos or applications, and so something to their Facebook account.

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