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Google Maps Works without Internet

Google announced at the conference for developers: Maps work without network connection. This functionality that surprised everyone is already a reality.
“Approximately 60 percent of the world population does not have access to internet now and not everywhere working properly, “recalls the company. That is, only a minority is fortunate to have a fast Internet. “This is a major problem, especially when people try to explore the world around him have” tells Amanda Bishop, Product Manager of Google, in an article published Google Maps for Android in the corporate blog.
For this reason, it was decided that everyone can have access to information about places and destinations “even when they are in an area with no connection.” This function has been implemented in the first round of improvements that are taking place in the latest version of Google Maps for Android.

You Could Display a Map Area in Offline Mode

Users who are now lost in an area not have internet and need bearings, and can take your “smartphone” and find the tourist site, for example, you wish to visit. Until now, you could display a map area in offline mode, but now you can get to that place in question offline.
You can also browse street by street, find specific addresses and find information about specific places such as schedules, user ratings or contact details”, specifies. Users can “unload” the map of the region of interest but, by default, this option can only take place when we are connected to a wireless network.

Offline Areas

To set this option, you must go “Offline Areas” in the menu on Google Maps and select the “+” option. Then “Google Maps will automatically activate the offline mode when they are identified in an area without internet and when we get access, change to online mode so that we can access the ordinary version of the service,” he explains.

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