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Microsoft Confirmed Lumia Series of Smart Phones to Upgrade Windows 10 Mobile in December

According to previous reports, Microsoft will be launched in November 12 Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586, it may be one of the candidate version of Windows 10 Mobile release. But now there is a hardware reboot dead broke 10586 circulatory problems Windows 10 Mobile Build, it seems, it will not be on the same day Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Build 10596 is compatible with all Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia users.

If your Lumia smartphone factory-installed Windows Phone 8.1, then it is highly unlikely in the November 12 the same day, received Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, expected to be released the same day Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile RTM version.

In addition, according Lumia help site revealed that despite the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL factory-installed Windows 10 Mobile, but Windows 10 Mobile mass until December this year to push other date equipment. So if you have a pre-installed Windows Phone 8.1 of Lumia smartphones, you should receive notification of upgrades to Windows 10 Mobile sometime next month.

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