Mozilla Firefox for Android

Mozilla Firefox Version 43 for Android

Mozilla has just released for the Android version of Firefox important updates, the new version of Firefox 43 brings many new features and enhanced. Currently Firefox 43 already in Google Play Store shelves, usually using the Firefox browser on the Android platform, students can go to download use.

First, Firefox 43 Reading List panel, marked by the user read or unread status; another tag list also added a new audio indicator; official update log also mentioned that for the next Android tablet in landscape mode, there is history a separate panel style; there are some auxiliary functions upgrade on, such as enlargement operation, as well as a screen reader Talkback context menu.

Mozilla also confirmed that this update after the toolbar menu, in the design of more integrated with Android UI design; another browser API also strengthened support for the m4v video playback; when sharing a text message from a web page may contain URL address; another There are many BUG amendment.

When you install this update existing use one can tell, there are some you need to slowly come to realize in the future use. The latest version of Firefox 43 requires Android 4.0 and above versions of support. Download from the Google Play Store Android version of Firefox 43.

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