Panda Global Protection 2016

Panda Global Protection 2016

The user not only be protected from “malware” that flows through any type of device, but must also ensure your privacy.

Nothing and no one gets rid of the virus. Either by email or through popular applications such as WhatsApp , the ” malware “grows and spreads day by day in an increasingly connected world. For this reason, more than ever, protect yourself with good antivirus.

GateVOG Technology have been testing “Panda Global Protection 2016” of Panda Security , a powerful “software” with which the user can not only control your devices but also protect your privacy. And best of all, you can install three types of devices: PC, Mac and Android.

Until recently, you only had to worry about ensuring your desktop computer. However, smartphones are also small computers that allow us to stay connected 24 hours a day. In fact, the cybercriminals made ​​much of the “malware” for these devices.

If they have a Mac at home, you can also install “Panda Global Protection 2016”. We remind you that iOS does understand viruses. His invulnerability is long, long gone.

This “software” Panda Security, and the user can protect their unlimited devices after a simple installation. In addition, you will have your own, personal space in which to manage everything that has to do with your protection: weekly analysis, monitoring, alerts, contact technical support, etc.

But not only that, since we are not dealing with a simple antivirus. The service of “Panda Global Protection 2016” is very complete:

1. Windows:
– Protects the PC from any kind of threat
– Secure your credentials with the virtual keyboard
– Blocks fraudulent sites
– Protect your wifi and blocks intruders
– Prevents inappropriate content with parental control
– Protect your data and your money
– Backs
– Manage all your passwords with a single click
– Encrypt your confidential infromation
– Permanently deletes the files you want
– Optimize your computer to go faster

2. iOS and Mac:
– Locate your iPhone and iPad
– Protects your Mac from any threat
– Analyzes and disinfects your iPhone and iPad

3. Android:
– Protect your device against any type of threat
– Theft Alert your device
– Send a picture of the thief and location
– Locate, blocks and clears remotely
– Improves performance and increases battery life

We have to recognize that during the days in which they have tried, it has not penetrated threats in our systems. Unfortunately, all others have failed. By the way, it deserves special mention the high level of protection and privacy offered to our “smartphone”. Perhaps because there are still many users who are not fully aware of this, hundreds of viruses spread through applications we all use. And if we look at the “Privacy Auditor”, you wonder why certain applications can access the microphone or your list of contacts.

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