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Windows 10 users can now view Microsoft’s hardware products from the desktop

Microsoft updates Windows 10 after which Windows application store, to add music, movies and TV shows classification, and now, once again update Microsoft Windows application store that allows users to find them from the desktop search box as Surface Book, Surface tablets, and Microsoft and other hardware products Band , allowing users to get easier for Microsoft hardware product information, and make a purchase.

But for now, consumers can not buy Microsoft hardware products directly in Windows 10 application store them, this may not yet be associated server with new there. But that has represented Microsoft plans to make only one key of the distance between its hardware products and Winows 10 devices.

In addition to music, movies and TV shows category, Microsoft also plans to launch a new category that will allow users to download Edge browser plug-ins. However, this feature is not ready, it may be with the Windows 10 operating system update, code-named Redstone arrive together.

Microsoft is planning to make all of its products in a unified convergence among Windows shop, because Microsoft is advocating the concept of universal application, you can run the same application on a phone and PC, and adapt to different shapes and screen size.

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