Fossil Q Founder Digital Stainless Steel Watch

Smart Watches Fashion Brand Fossil Value Higher Than Apple

Smart Watch has become a popular accessory, and even began to devour the share of traditional Swiss watch industry. One reason is that, in addition to focus on functionality, smart watches, increasingly focused on the design sense, we have seen Apple Watch, TAG HEUER Connected, Huawei Watch is one of the representatives. As the American public fashion brand, Fossil has launched a Q Founder, equipped with Android Wear a smart watch.

Obviously, accessories, watches started to pay more attention to the design of Fossil, Q Founder’s appearance looks very elegant, it’s the overall experience then? Take a look at the following.

Beautiful Design and Configuration

Fossil Q Beautiful Design and Configuration

Fossil Q Beautiful Design and Configuration

Fossil Q Founder very beautiful, using the stainless steel body, with leather or steel strap, round dial is also very fashionable. However, similar to the Moto 360, black side bottom of the screen looks a little jarring. Also, watch a little bit large, may not be suitable for female users wear.

Configuration, Fossil Q Founder substantially conform Android Wear criteria, including 360 * 326 pixel screen, Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM and 400mAh battery. Unfortunately, Fossil Q Founder absolutely no built-in GPS, heart rate sensor, compared to the functional aspects from other manufacturers introduced digital watch slightly less intelligent.

Basic Android Wear Experience

Fossil Q Basic Android Wear Experience

Fossil Q Basic Android Wear Experience

Although the use of Intel processors, Fossil Q Founder speed is very smooth. Function, you can download a variety of Android Wear applications, while Fossil in order to maintain the use of pure feeling, no built-in any application, unique content is the exclusive variety of custom dial interface.

The most commonly used application is Hangouts, can accurately identify the voice chat is very convenient. Currently Android Wear also supports iOS devices, but with the iPhone when paired with a lot of core functionality is not available, do not support the application.

Battery life, Fossil Q Founder of use under high intensity can be realized only 3 hours time, in normal use, compared with about 1 day. Obviously, the battery life is almost all current smart watch a big problem, they also differs from ordinary wristwatch.

Fossil Q Customizable Faces

Fossil Q Customizable Faces

Fossil Q Customizable Faces

If word evaluation Fossil Q Founder’s words, that is: fashion manufacturers smart watches, nothing unique. Obviously, Fossil Q Founder pretty, $ 295 price is not too expensive, but functions with the mainstream products still lags far behind. In addition, a slightly shorter battery life. On the positive side is that it’s really beautiful, may be able to make some of the appearance of the very value of user-generated interest.

Mozilla Firefox Version 43 for Android

Mozilla has just released for the Android version of Firefox important updates, the new version of Firefox 43 brings many new features and enhanced. Currently Firefox 43 already in Google Play Store shelves, usually using the Firefox browser on the Android platform, students can go to download use.

First, Firefox 43 Reading List panel, marked by the user read or unread status; another tag list also added a new audio indicator; official update log also mentioned that for the next Android tablet in landscape mode, there is history a separate panel style; there are some auxiliary functions upgrade on, such as enlargement operation, as well as a screen reader Talkback context menu.

Mozilla also confirmed that this update after the toolbar menu, in the design of more integrated with Android UI design; another browser API also strengthened support for the m4v video playback; when sharing a text message from a web page may contain URL address; another There are many BUG amendment.

When you install this update existing use one can tell, there are some you need to slowly come to realize in the future use. The latest version of Firefox 43 requires Android 4.0 and above versions of support. Download from the Google Play Store Android version of Firefox 43.

Panda Global Protection 2016

The user not only be protected from “malware” that flows through any type of device, but must also ensure your privacy.

Nothing and no one gets rid of the virus. Either by email or through popular applications such as WhatsApp , the ” malware “grows and spreads day by day in an increasingly connected world. For this reason, more than ever, protect yourself with good antivirus.

GateVOG Technology have been testing “Panda Global Protection 2016” of Panda Security , a powerful “software” with which the user can not only control your devices but also protect your privacy. And best of all, you can install three types of devices: PC, Mac and Android.

Until recently, you only had to worry about ensuring your desktop computer. However, smartphones are also small computers that allow us to stay connected 24 hours a day. In fact, the cybercriminals made ​​much of the “malware” for these devices.

If they have a Mac at home, you can also install “Panda Global Protection 2016”. We remind you that iOS does understand viruses. His invulnerability is long, long gone.

This “software” Panda Security, and the user can protect their unlimited devices after a simple installation. In addition, you will have your own, personal space in which to manage everything that has to do with your protection: weekly analysis, monitoring, alerts, contact technical support, etc.

But not only that, since we are not dealing with a simple antivirus. The service of “Panda Global Protection 2016” is very complete:

1. Windows:
– Protects the PC from any kind of threat
– Secure your credentials with the virtual keyboard
– Blocks fraudulent sites
– Protect your wifi and blocks intruders
– Prevents inappropriate content with parental control
– Protect your data and your money
– Backs
– Manage all your passwords with a single click
– Encrypt your confidential infromation
– Permanently deletes the files you want
– Optimize your computer to go faster

2. iOS and Mac:
– Locate your iPhone and iPad
– Protects your Mac from any threat
– Analyzes and disinfects your iPhone and iPad

3. Android:
– Protect your device against any type of threat
– Theft Alert your device
– Send a picture of the thief and location
– Locate, blocks and clears remotely
– Improves performance and increases battery life

We have to recognize that during the days in which they have tried, it has not penetrated threats in our systems. Unfortunately, all others have failed. By the way, it deserves special mention the high level of protection and privacy offered to our “smartphone”. Perhaps because there are still many users who are not fully aware of this, hundreds of viruses spread through applications we all use. And if we look at the “Privacy Auditor”, you wonder why certain applications can access the microphone or your list of contacts.

Li-Fi (Light-Fidelity) 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

Scientists achieve first to operate this wireless technology out of the lab it promises to be up to one hundred times faster than conventional Wi-Fi networks.

It comes from the English words “ligth” and “fidelity” and promises to be more efficient than Wi-Fi networks, the most extensive in society. It is called Li-Fi and, after the first trials in the past two years, and may be the Internet channel in the future. Scientists have achieved a transfer rate of up to 224 files gigabits per second, which would be equivalent to download 18 movies (1.5 GB each). This is the first time achieved outside the laboratory through this wireless technology to transmit high-speed data communication using light instead of the traditional use of radio waves.

This technology can “change the way the internet is used to be.” The need for bandwidth to transfer files and increasing popularizing permanently connected electronic devices has forced the companies involved to seek a new approach. One of the more interesting alternatives, Li-Fi, uses a light emitting diode (LED) of a watt. Integrated microprocessor, this little bulb can achieve flows faster than current data technology solutions.

Scientists have proven the potential for this innovation. They have designed a smart lighting solution for industrial environments where data communication is via light. They are also doing on a pilot project creating a Li-Fi network to access the Internet in offices.

Despite the apparent virtues of this technology, there would still be a long way to go, as it would require a redesign of many of the sending and receiving computers existing telecommunications today. Furthermore, it is estimated that one of the advantages of this technology is that it does not cause interference with other systems, though light waves used are not able to overcome the walls.

The scientist at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) Harald Haas, a pioneer in Li-Fi technology, demonstrated in 2011 that the flickering light of a single LED (imperceptible to the human eye) was able to transmit more data than an antenna telephony. This technology uses the precept of Visible Light Communication (VLC), a medium that uses visible light from 400 to 800 terahertz (THz).

To understand, experts works basically as an advanced Morse code. Experts, however, believe that the Wi-Fi and Li-Fi networks will coexist in the future for more efficient and secure networks. Although not yet commercialized, there are many companies already investigating opportunities to market solutions based on this technology.

Google Maps Works without Internet

Google announced at the conference for developers: Maps work without network connection. This functionality that surprised everyone is already a reality.
“Approximately 60 percent of the world population does not have access to internet now and not everywhere working properly, “recalls the company. That is, only a minority is fortunate to have a fast Internet. “This is a major problem, especially when people try to explore the world around him have” tells Amanda Bishop, Product Manager of Google, in an article published Google Maps for Android in the corporate blog.
For this reason, it was decided that everyone can have access to information about places and destinations “even when they are in an area with no connection.” This function has been implemented in the first round of improvements that are taking place in the latest version of Google Maps for Android.

You Could Display a Map Area in Offline Mode

Users who are now lost in an area not have internet and need bearings, and can take your “smartphone” and find the tourist site, for example, you wish to visit. Until now, you could display a map area in offline mode, but now you can get to that place in question offline.
You can also browse street by street, find specific addresses and find information about specific places such as schedules, user ratings or contact details”, specifies. Users can “unload” the map of the region of interest but, by default, this option can only take place when we are connected to a wireless network.

Offline Areas

To set this option, you must go “Offline Areas” in the menu on Google Maps and select the “+” option. Then “Google Maps will automatically activate the offline mode when they are identified in an area without internet and when we get access, change to online mode so that we can access the ordinary version of the service,” he explains.