Twitter Introducing a New Home Timeline Feature

Twitter makes available to its users a new feature to the timeline that allows you to stay up to date on all the most relevant tweets of people you follow.

How does it work? Simply enable the new feature from the Settings menu and, once back on Twitter after being away for a while ‘, the Tweet, the most important appear at the top part of the timeline – it will even recent Tweet, arranged in reverse chronological order.

All other Tweet will appear immediately below, also in reverse chronological order, as always. At any time, you have to update the timeline to see all the new Tweet, the classic real-time experience.

We noticed that people who have already had the opportunity to try this new feature tend to tweet and retweet more, creating more interactions and conversations live – certainly a positive trend for all!

To test the new timeline already today it is necessary select “Show me the best Tweet to first” in the Twitter settings. The function will be activated by default for all users in the coming weeks, once the received user feedback. At that point, a notification will appear in the timeline that will alert the user of any such modification.

Anyway the user can disable this option from the settings, even going back to the old tweets ranking algorithm.

Vodafone Valentine Day Special Offers

Vodafone, for Valentine’s Day, it decided to make a welcome gift to all its customers. For the duration of the anniversary dedicated to lovers, the operator will offer a full day of free Internet access to its 4G LTE network. From midnight on Saturday 13 February and for the next 24 hours Vodafone customers will be able to exchange greetings of Happy Valentine’s Day without using the jig of the tariff plan and using all the power of 4G Vodafone network.

The initiative of the February 14, valid in Italy, is automatically activated for smartphones, tablets and Internet key. And ‘the threshold shall correct use of 2 Giga for private and business customers (VAT numbers and SMEs) after which you continue to surf for free at a speed of 32kbps.

This initiative is part of the “We CARE” program, which aims to consolidate and enhance the relationship of trust with customers, through a series of concrete actions, such as the recent initiatives Money Back on 4G network and Digital Services, in areas of connectivity, transparency, recognition of loyalty, and the accessibility of the service. The days of free navigation are offered by a year to all Vodafone customers on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

With its 4G network, Vodafone Italy now covers 5,900 of the main Italian cities and tourist areas, representing 94% of the population. + 4G network (LTE-Advanced), evolution of 4G which enables connection speeds up to 225 Mbps in download, is available in more than 700 Italian cities.

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TSMC May Be The Only Sole Manufacturer of Processor for The New iPhone 7

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) may be the only supplier of processors for the new Apple iPhone 7. According to a new report, in fact, Cupertino would have chosen because TMC able to realize processors with production process up to 10 nanometers thing at the time not possible for Samsung. Currently, Apple, iPhone 6S uses TSMC is that Samsung, a double choice that has enabled us to meet the high demands even though the two processors have slight differences presented not so much from the point of view of performance but because from the point of view of energy consumption.

If you really TSMC will get the exclusive by Apple for the supply of the future iPhone processors 7 Cupertino represent an important turning point and especially a not very positive news for Samsung which would lose a very important order. The Korean company, in fact, has long been one of the most important technical partners of Cupertino despite the known disagreements commercially. Currently it is estimated, in fact, that about 70% of the A9 processors with all the latest devices bitten apple is produced by Samsung, against only 30% of TSMC.

The report, however, would be contrary to the assertions of the same TSMC during the publication of its fiscal results. The Taiwanese company had shown, in fact, like the first chip with 10-nanometer manufacturing process will begin to be built in the second half of 2016 and then joined up to speed in 2017. Timing is not that marry well with the debut of the iPhone 7 scheduled for next autumn.

The report is still very interesting because it hints at the great work that’s behind the next iPhone’s processor 7 will happen to the current A9 which is still considered one of the better performing in its class.


Google Play Store Will Now Using Gmail Itineraries for App Recommendations

Google continues to improve its Play store to offer its users an app market of increasingly complete and functional. These days it is distributed declination 6.2 Play Store that brings interesting news. Improvements focused, above all, to optimize the suggestion of new applications system.

For example, version 6.2 of the Play Store introduces suggestions based on Gmail. In other words, this new option can be activated in the settings of the app market of Big G, allowing you to use Gmail as a source for suggesting new applications. For example, if a user receives a message whose content relates to a trip, the Play Store will suggest a number of relevant applications to the destination, the possible means of transport, and more.

This is, surely, a good idea that could be useful to users in many areas, especially when you have the need to quickly find applications dedicated to their favorite activities. For those who judge this new feature a new invasion of privacy, the setting can be turned off without any problems.

In the new Play Store 6.2 also not miss some of cosmetic surgery. For example, “My Wishlist” and “Redeem” have been changed in their position and “Redeem” has also now a new icon.

The rollout of the new version of the Play Store has already begun. As usual, the new build will come silently, and will automatically be installed on smartphones than on the Big G. tablet pc.

Computers Will Download Windows 10 Automatically from February

Windows 10 Is Now a “Recommended Update” That’s Automatically Downloaded

As with each edition of the Microsoft operating system, even Windows 10 the Redmond company is doing everything possible to push more users to switch to the new software.

This time, to make new “converts” Microsoft has used a particularly invasive strategy, which might not appeal to all users. Who indeed a PC running Windows 7 operating system or the latest Windows 8.1 will appear in Windows Update, update the item to Windows 10 as an update recommended and not – as it looked before – just optional.

A choice already announced by Microsoft in October, when the company made it known that the Windows 10 operating system would soon be passed up to the recommended update status. A change that is not, however, just a facade, but also of substance: on systems where the recommended updates are downloaded and installed by default, in fact, will start immediately upgrade to the new operating system.

If you wanted to not switch to the new software it is therefore recommended to check the Windows Update settings and, in necessary, make amendments.

Gmail Now Has 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

Gmail Reaches One Billion Monthly Users

Google announced an important milestone from its Gmail email service. Sundar Pichai, the company’s CEO, together with the dissemination of financial data of the group, it has, in fact, announced that Gmail has passed the milestone of one billion active users per month. This is a truly excellent result that rewards the work of Google in wanting to provide users with a free e-mail service of the highest quality and reliability.

Gmail has shown, too, to be able to grow very rapidly since last year earned some 100 million active users. Gmail is the seventh Google service does cross the finish line of a billion users. Before him, they have reached this limit the online search, the Chrome browser, the mobile operating system Android, the Play Store, Maps and YouTube. The growth of Gmail is also made possible by the progressive introduction of new unique features, also is a professional breath, that competition is not offered or only offered for a fee.

Gmail, in fact, already since the launch in 2014 had stunned the web offering not only a free email service, but with as many as 1 GB free, for the time an impressive amount space.

On today’s success of the mail service, Sundar Pichai, the company’s CEO, wanted to rattle even some fun facts such as that 10% of the rapid responses per day by users are, in fact, generated fully automatically through ‘ Smart reply algorithm that analyzing the text of the message creates mini texts to be used as an automatic reply.