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Twitter Introducing a New Home Timeline Feature

Twitter makes available to its users a new feature to the timeline that allows you to stay up to date on all the most relevant tweets of people you follow. How does it work? Simply enable the new feature from the Settings menu and, once back on Twitter after being away for a while ‘, […]

Vodafone Valentine Day Special Offers

Vodafone, for Valentine’s Day, it decided to make a welcome gift to all its customers. For the duration of the anniversary dedicated to lovers, the operator will offer a full day of free Internet access to its 4G LTE network. From midnight on Saturday 13 February and for the next 24 hours Vodafone customers will […]

Computers Will Download Windows 10 Automatically from February

Windows 10 Is Now a “Recommended Update” That’s Automatically Downloaded As with each edition of the Microsoft operating system, even Windows 10 the Redmond company is doing everything possible to push more users to switch to the new software. This time, to make new “converts” Microsoft has used a particularly invasive strategy, which might not […]

Gmail Now Has 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

Gmail Reaches One Billion Monthly Users Google announced an important milestone from its Gmail email service. Sundar Pichai, the company’s CEO, together with the dissemination of financial data of the group, it has, in fact, announced that Gmail has passed the milestone of one billion active users per month. This is a truly excellent result […]

Fossil Q Founder Digital Stainless Steel Watch

Smart Watches Fashion Brand Fossil Value Higher Than Apple Smart Watch has become a popular accessory, and even began to devour the share of traditional Swiss watch industry. One reason is that, in addition to focus on functionality, smart watches, increasingly focused on the design sense, we have seen Apple Watch, TAG HEUER Connected, Huawei […]

Mozilla Firefox Version 43 for Android

Mozilla has just released for the Android version of Firefox important updates, the new version of Firefox 43 brings many new features and enhanced. Currently Firefox 43 already in Google Play Store shelves, usually using the Firefox browser on the Android platform, students can go to download use. First, Firefox 43 Reading List panel, marked […]

Panda Global Protection 2016

The user not only be protected from “malware” that flows through any type of device, but must also ensure your privacy. Nothing and no one gets rid of the virus. Either by email or through popular applications such as WhatsApp , the ” malware “grows and spreads day by day in an increasingly connected world. […]

Li-Fi (Light-Fidelity) 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

Scientists achieve first to operate this wireless technology out of the lab it promises to be up to one hundred times faster than conventional Wi-Fi networks. It comes from the English words “ligth” and “fidelity” and promises to be more efficient than Wi-Fi networks, the most extensive in society. It is called Li-Fi and, after […]