Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire Smartwatch

Only the professionals, who are so demanding that seek excellence for professional reasons or because they need it. This is the type of audience whose wrist can not miss the “Smartwatch” Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire a smart wristwatch as complete.

The price and high performance have made us realize a very clear evidence: we believe, this device is suitable for a particular audience. For example, are you a “runner” a certain level? Are you getting ready for contested to police or firefighter? In that case, this watch is for you. Its high performance makes the general public, the Phoenix 3 to be like driving a Ferrari. But if it’s your fancy and can afford, you go ahead. It will not disappoint.
Its large size is not lost and may be mildly uncomfortable. However, it takes getting used to and as you handle the “SmartWatch” you realize that your size is no accident. We are facing a very complete smart watch. Both that has especially caught our attention the battery life: up to 50 hours UltraTrac mode, 16 hours in GPS mode and up to 3 weeks in intelligent clock mode.

Performance and design combine in this sports watch training options for various sports, trail running and navigation. Without forgetting that it is also waterproof. For starters, you should know that Fenix 3 Sapphire is available in three different styles: pink gold with white belt, silver with leather strap and classic stainless steel model with metal strap.

Each watch features a stainless steel antenna EXO protection and a reinforced fiberglass housing for durability. The clear display high-resolution color, Chroma offers the best readability in any lighting condition.
You can, among other things, monitor your sleep, heart rate, gives you statistics about your fitness
With this Garmin device you can, among other things, monitor your sleep, heart rate, it gives you statistics about your physical condition and is able to make predictions at the time of your career based on the value of maximum oxygen consumption, plus metrics showing your career and efficiency that you can use to improve your performance over time.

Need recover now? If you’ve finished training, do not worry because Fenix 3 Sapphire is there. The recovery control tells you the time to recover. But the device is not just for “runners”, also for cyclists, swimmers, who do triathlons and skiing, so you can control the number of strokes, rhythm or unevenness in you that you face.
The device, which is priced at 632 US Dollar, has GPS, a very good connectivity and, of course, you get the notificaicones come by WhatsApp. Of course you have to use your “smartphone” to read them. Now, assume you already understand why it is a “SmartWatch” to “professional”.

Huawei Watch Intelligent Clock Classic Look

Just a few weeks ago that the Huawei Watch is on sale, The first impression was good for several reasons: although this is a “SmartWatch” apparently it does not. Its classic design (round) is perfect to blend and those looking for a “gadget” that go unnoticed.
On the other hand, are its benefits. Do not forget that this is a based on Android Wear, sapphire crystal screen with 1.4 inch Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory and 300 mAh battery clock.

The watch with leather strap, priced at 421 US Dollar. The other version, with steel strap, rises to 527 US Dollar. Watch with Huawei you can change the look of the clock and choose the way you want to see the time, as most “smartwatches”. With it you can do voice searches on Google and receive notifications of Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook.

At the rear it is in the heart rate sensor. It also measured the steps or calories you’ve burned. In short, this is a good “SmartWatch” but did not offer anything new or different with respect to competition, for example, the Asus ZenWatch, which has little to envy to Huawei. Given that it is cheaper, perhaps many opt for this option.

The First Intelligent Clock Asus ZenWatch

Elegant, made of metal and quite affordable. The first intelligent clock Asus, the ZenWatch.

It is a smart watch midrange particularly striking for its design. “Our design philosophy is to put people at the starting point,” said, vice president of design Asus. Its strap is leather (available in three colors) and display (1.63-inch resolution of 320 × 320 pixels) square. The housing has a slight bend and has a rose gold colored band between two layers of stainless steel.

The ASUS ZenWatch has been developed with Google and is equipped with Android Wear. It supports any “smartphone” Android version 4.3 or later in order to “provide a seamless digital experience” and allow users to be “connected to what matters most in your life,” He said. Thus, the device not only allows access to important and useful information but also offers a special service such as staff assistant physical activity due to the “app” Wellness.

With a device of this type not only we want to know the time. Although Asus clock offers more than 100 design combinations to see if has come lunchtime, also it allows real-time check incoming calls, notifications, take a picture or monitor health. Inside carries a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor at a speed of 1.2 GHz, has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. The battery is 360 mAh, weighs 50 grams and is water resistant, but not waterproof.

With a simple touch on the screen or through the voice command, you can send an email. And if you want to get a “selfie”, download the “Remote Camera ‘application and display the viewfinder of” smartphone “in the phone display and capture the image as you wish.
Thanks to sophisticated sensors, in ASUS ZenWatch you can also monitor and have saved the statistics of heart beats, the steps taken, calories burned and the level of relaxation. Its price is another value to be considered as is 241 US Dollar, slightly less than that handle similar products in the sector.

Windows 10 Fastest and Popular Operating System

Windows 10 Will Become The Fastest in the History of Popular Windows Operating System

Windows 10 and now of course we can not say an overwhelming victory, but according to the latest Gartner research, the performance of Windows 10 in the coming months may be very good, especially in the enterprise market, enough to make Windows 10 became the fastest ever installed capacity fast Windows system. Gartner announced that by January 2017, 50% of companies will begin to deploy Windows 10 system, so it is likely to complete the Microsoft installed capacity of 1 billion plan.

The research firm also said that there are many factors that contribute to corporate users will adopt the new system, such as Windows 7 in 2020 to end the follow-up support, in addition to Windows 10 support for older systems previously applied.

According to The Institute said that most of the 2017 Open to migrate to Windows 10 system companies, is expected to complete the process in 2019, is just in time for the Windows 7 before the end of the support, the vast majority of organizations and indeed should be prepared good upgrade plan.

Steve Kleynhans, vice president of Gartner Research, said: “In the consumer user market, free upgrades and support older devices, as well as OTA upgrades are guaranteed a large number of users in 2015 will be carried out before the system upgrade for business users, we expect a whole. process than six years before the migration of Windows 7 is much faster. ”

On the current market, consumer users, Windows 10 market share of about 9%, which is not a very good performance, especially considering that for consumer users, upgrade Windows 10 is free. Currently Windows 7 worldwide desktop PC market still accounted for about 50%, this situation is expected to change soon, a lot of this part of the user has been upgraded in preparation for the system.

Windows 10 users can now view Microsoft’s hardware products from the desktop

Microsoft updates Windows 10 after which Windows application store, to add music, movies and TV shows classification, and now, once again update Microsoft Windows application store that allows users to find them from the desktop search box as Surface Book, Surface tablets, and Microsoft and other hardware products Band , allowing users to get easier for Microsoft hardware product information, and make a purchase.

But for now, consumers can not buy Microsoft hardware products directly in Windows 10 application store them, this may not yet be associated server with new there. But that has represented Microsoft plans to make only one key of the distance between its hardware products and Winows 10 devices.

In addition to music, movies and TV shows category, Microsoft also plans to launch a new category that will allow users to download Edge browser plug-ins. However, this feature is not ready, it may be with the Windows 10 operating system update, code-named Redstone arrive together.

Microsoft is planning to make all of its products in a unified convergence among Windows shop, because Microsoft is advocating the concept of universal application, you can run the same application on a phone and PC, and adapt to different shapes and screen size.

Facebook Login Process Simplifies Apple TV Application

Facebook announced this week to Apple TV tvOS developer provides its own SDK. While the company claims that this SDK allows developers to own Apple TV applications which integrate social features, but the biggest advantage is that you can use Facebook login feature that allows users to use their account to log on to the social networking application tvOS Among the program.

If you choose to use Facebook account to log system, the screen will appear 8-character alphanumeric code. Then, the user uses a smart phone or computer input code, through the Facebook site license application.

While it may not be the best ever login system, but this is a significant improvement Apple TV application logon mode. Currently, Apple TV APP among users must enter their e-mail / user name and password, but requires the use of Siri remote control, through the screen soft keyboard input, each application logon must repeat the process.

Unlike the previous generation of Apple TV, the new fourth generation Apple TV does not support the Apple iOS remote application that allows using the device keyboard for text input. Similarly, although the new Apple TV can be remote commands via Siri, but there is no way to use it for text input.

In addition to support for login, Facebook said its tvOS SDK enables developers to provide users with a typical social sharing features, which include the sharing of such as photos, videos or applications, and so something to their Facebook account.

Samsung Galaxy A7 is Eligible for FCC Certification

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) is eligible for FCC certification may be available in the beginning of next year.

Samsung has already launched a number of Galaxy A series of smart phones, including Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7, these three smart phones will have follow-up of new products, but the Galaxy A series among the most powerful product in the market which has not yet appeared, This is the Galaxy A9 smart phone, which uses modern design with high-end features, may be launched in January next year, we expect the mobile phone maker Samsung launched in the first quarter of 2016 at least four new smartphone.

We do not exclude the possibility of these devices released in December, but they have a higher chance unveiled at CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show), CES 2016 will be held in January next year. Wherein, Galaxy A7 successor of Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) has just passed FCC certification, from the naming point of view, it may be put on the market next year.

According to FCC certification data, the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) built-in 3300 mA battery, the current Samsung Galaxy A smartphone that comes with a smaller 2600 mAh battery. According to FCC certification data, the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) Dimensions 151.8 x74.5 mm. In addition, the documents show, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) will support 4G LTE and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other connectivity options, as well as AGPS global positioning system.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft officially unveiled the Surface Pro 4 at a media event for new Microsoft products on Oct 6, 2015 in New York City. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 pre-order in USA has been available since Oct 26, 2015 and will be on sale in certain countries soon.

Surface Pro 4 Type Covers are available in multiple colors including black, blue, bright blue, red, teal, onyx and stylus pen each have four kinds of different thickness the cartridge can be replaced.

Surface Pro 4 Type Covers and Surface Pen

Surface Pro 4 Type Covers and Surface Pen

Surface Pro 4 price starting from $899, Type Cover price starting from $129, Surface Pen price starting from $59, and Surface Pen tip kit price is set $10.

Host Appearance

Surface Pro 4 and accessories Dimensions and Surface Pro 3 is exactly the same, the vast majority of them have attachments can all be reused, the interface is exactly the same, including the charger, docking station and keyboard cover can be both It can be inter operable between 3 and 4. In the design also follows the stent distraction, and then it can be placed flat on the table in the form of different angles. And the appearance of the previous generation of the biggest difference is that the previous generation of keyboard lid and body are written above the Surface, the Surface Pro 4 is directly engraved with Microsoft’s field card logo, above the type cover is printed the text of Microsoft logo.

Surface Pro 4 and Accessories Dimensions

Surface Pro 4 and Accessories Dimensions

Location hosts the power button and volume keys are changed: inside the volume keys are on the left side of the screen, and the power button is located on the top of the screen.

Power Button and Volume Keys

Power Button and Volume Keys

Surface Pro 4 removes the right edge of the screen Windows key, because the keys are introduced with Windows8 and 8.1, then you must swipe exhaled Start menu. However, in Windows 10 there, because the Start menu and Start screen has been together, there is no need to do so, and it is always triggered inadvertently, so Surface specially developed a Metro App to help you disable this button, the new version will simply Direct removed.

Charger features and specifications have not changed, still carrying a USB charging port, two-way plug, but one end into a power outlet is really an inexpensive temperament blowing.

Charger Features

Charger Features

Update Pen

Good improvement is the stylus. Now it is possible magnetic attraction, and this is very strong adsorption of magnetic force. Magnet located on the pen, so this pen can be adsorbed to any of the above substances iron, also includes Surface Pro3.4 pen on 3 is completely used. The difference is that their appearance 3 pen has two buttons located on the pen, where the upper one eraser, below the equivalent of the right mouse button, because where there is functional overlap, now put it cancel the eraser pen located top, but also pairing button. Press and hold the button to turn on Bluetooth or so about ten seconds, there is a light will flash pen top. This time it can complete the pairing with the computer.

Surface Pen

Surface Pen

Before pairing is only as pointing the pen tool, then fit it into a pressure-sensitive pen. OneNote notes on when you can clearly feel the intensity of the force when the pen is light or heavy. N-trig after being acquired by Microsoft technology has been improved in three of time for it, because it is not a pressure sensitive pen of 1024, as compared with iPad Pro technologies may be a certain gap, and Apple’s Apple Pencil was just it is the choice of pressure sensitive 1024, so Pro3 at this point is slightly inferior. But time has caught up 4 1024, now with Apple Pencil belong to the same level. But more unfortunately, because they support pressure sensitivity 1024 SP4 also requires host hardware support, so the pen 4 on 3 machines is still no sense of pressure of the 1024’s.

Keyboard Update

Keyboard cover change becomes more apparent, we can see that the new version of the keyboard cover is more out PrtScn this button, the legacy is no screenshots keys. Accordingly, the legacy of shared key (located on F7) now has basically abandoned the enemy, so it was canceled. More importantly, Fn function key from now on the right side of the spacebar moved to the left. So you press a function key Fn plus the above is very laborious, and now will save a little bit of energy. Now Fn key on the left next to Ctrl, Fn keys belonging to the original position – that is, the right Alt and the arrow keys in the middle now become a menu button, right-click to bring up the menu equivalent.
Track pad is made of glass fiber material 3 into a glass, it feels smoother.

Keyboard Update

Keyboard Update

Performance and Specific Use

Microsoft uses the i3, i5 and i7 processors – this is the original configuration, but also added a Core M of use. Including M with all the latest Sky lake architecture, M is a low-power processor.
Surface Pro 4 hardware level improvement is the camera feature supports Windows Hello, use for face identification.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple Launches the New iPad, The Greatest Enemy of PC

Wednesday begins the book of the new iPad Pro from Apple in over 40 countries.
If there are still many hallucinating with madness generated by the launch of the iPhone 6S, Apple is already preparing for a new barrage of reserves with the arrival of the new iPad Pro. The Cupertino Company has started the process Wednesday in 40 countries, causing falls between the trends most discussed in social networks from early in the morning.

The idea of Apple, five years after the creation of its first tablet, is once again put at risk the existence of the classic PC. At least that is clear from the words of its CEO, Tim Cook, told ‘The Telegraph’: “Why do you need to buy a PC No, really, why would you buy the iPad Pro will be the replacement? Laptop or desktop many, many people. They will start using it and see that, apart from their phones, they need nothing more.”

To do this, the new iPad will have applications made by Microsoft and Adobe. The Apple tablet will incorporate both the Office package as the wide range of creative applications from Adobe, including Photoshop Fix. It also highlights the presence of the stylus, but must be purchased at an extra cost of 109 Euros.

As for price, the most basic model slashing 900 Euros.

Windows 10 Threshold 2 Update

Windows 10 First Major Update (Threshold 2) Start Push

Microsoft officially released Windows 10 on July 29, In the beginning thousands of worldwide PC push new system update, currently it has more than 110 million devices running on Windows 10. Today, Microsoft is pushing the system’s first large-scale update, which has been called Threshold 2, this update includes all aspects of upgrade for Windows 10 systems.

Microsoft likes to call the update 1511 but will actually show the version as 10586 once installed on the computer.

Windows 10 Update 1511-10586

The First Major Windows 10 Update Threshold 2

Updates Include:

such as start time, start-up time compared to Windows 7 on the same device nearly 30 percent faster.


You can take notes in a notebook Cortana, Cortana able to identify one of the phone numbers, e-mail address, or even a specific address information to help the user to set a reminder. Cortana will now focus on the user’s travel and movie reservation and other information helpful for the users to send reminders to let users know where to go, and arrive at their destination on time, but also Uber booking and tracking information. Cortana currently has in Japan, Australia, Canada, India (in English) are available for different markets and have customized and personalized features and experience.

Edge Browser:

provides better performance and security, new capabilities, such as label preview – without having to leave the current browser page, you can preview the site. Edge now can synchronize favorites and reading lists between devices to more easily access what interests you. Also, when using the Edge for online shopping, Cortana will inform the user’s favorite retailers such as Staples, Macys and Best Buy, the user is prompted latest promotions.

Windows 10 Desktop

Windows 10 Desktop

In addition to the strengthening of the system, Microsoft also mentioned that for the system has been improved built-in applications, including e-mail, calendar, photos, Groove music, Xbox, application store, OneNote, cards and so on.