Windows 10 Recommended Updates Automatically

Computers Will Download Windows 10 Automatically from February

Windows 10 Is Now a “Recommended Update” That’s Automatically Downloaded

As with each edition of the Microsoft operating system, even Windows 10 the Redmond company is doing everything possible to push more users to switch to the new software.

This time, to make new “converts” Microsoft has used a particularly invasive strategy, which might not appeal to all users. Who indeed a PC running Windows 7 operating system or the latest Windows 8.1 will appear in Windows Update, update the item to Windows 10 as an update recommended and not – as it looked before – just optional.

A choice already announced by Microsoft in October, when the company made it known that the Windows 10 operating system would soon be passed up to the recommended update status. A change that is not, however, just a facade, but also of substance: on systems where the recommended updates are downloaded and installed by default, in fact, will start immediately upgrade to the new operating system.

If you wanted to not switch to the new software it is therefore recommended to check the Windows Update settings and, in necessary, make amendments.

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