Gmail Itineraries for Apps Recommendations

Google Play Store Will Now Using Gmail Itineraries for App Recommendations

Google continues to improve its Play store to offer its users an app market of increasingly complete and functional. These days it is distributed declination 6.2 Play Store that brings interesting news. Improvements focused, above all, to optimize the suggestion of new applications system.

For example, version 6.2 of the Play Store introduces suggestions based on Gmail. In other words, this new option can be activated in the settings of the app market of Big G, allowing you to use Gmail as a source for suggesting new applications. For example, if a user receives a message whose content relates to a trip, the Play Store will suggest a number of relevant applications to the destination, the possible means of transport, and more.

This is, surely, a good idea that could be useful to users in many areas, especially when you have the need to quickly find applications dedicated to their favorite activities. For those who judge this new feature a new invasion of privacy, the setting can be turned off without any problems.

In the new Play Store 6.2 also not miss some of cosmetic surgery. For example, “My Wishlist” and “Redeem” have been changed in their position and “Redeem” has also now a new icon.

The rollout of the new version of the Play Store has already begun. As usual, the new build will come silently, and will automatically be installed on smartphones than on the Big G. tablet pc.

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