Apple iPad Pro

Apple Launches the New iPad, The Greatest Enemy of PC

Wednesday begins the book of the new iPad Pro from Apple in over 40 countries.
If there are still many hallucinating with madness generated by the launch of the iPhone 6S, Apple is already preparing for a new barrage of reserves with the arrival of the new iPad Pro. The Cupertino Company has started the process Wednesday in 40 countries, causing falls between the trends most discussed in social networks from early in the morning.

The idea of Apple, five years after the creation of its first tablet, is once again put at risk the existence of the classic PC. At least that is clear from the words of its CEO, Tim Cook, told ‘The Telegraph’: “Why do you need to buy a PC No, really, why would you buy the iPad Pro will be the replacement? Laptop or desktop many, many people. They will start using it and see that, apart from their phones, they need nothing more.”

To do this, the new iPad will have applications made by Microsoft and Adobe. The Apple tablet will incorporate both the Office package as the wide range of creative applications from Adobe, including Photoshop Fix. It also highlights the presence of the stylus, but must be purchased at an extra cost of 109 Euros.

As for price, the most basic model slashing 900 Euros.