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TSMC May Be The Only Sole Manufacturer of Processor for The New iPhone 7

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) may be the only supplier of processors for the new Apple iPhone 7. According to a new report, in fact, Cupertino would have chosen because TMC able to realize processors with production process up to 10 nanometers thing at the time not possible for Samsung. Currently, Apple, iPhone 6S uses TSMC is that Samsung, a double choice that has enabled us to meet the high demands even though the two processors have slight differences presented not so much from the point of view of performance but because from the point of view of energy consumption.

If you really TSMC will get the exclusive by Apple for the supply of the future iPhone processors 7 Cupertino represent an important turning point and especially a not very positive news for Samsung which would lose a very important order. The Korean company, in fact, has long been one of the most important technical partners of Cupertino despite the known disagreements commercially. Currently it is estimated, in fact, that about 70% of the A9 processors with all the latest devices bitten apple is produced by Samsung, against only 30% of TSMC.

The report, however, would be contrary to the assertions of the same TSMC during the publication of its fiscal results. The Taiwanese company had shown, in fact, like the first chip with 10-nanometer manufacturing process will begin to be built in the second half of 2016 and then joined up to speed in 2017. Timing is not that marry well with the debut of the iPhone 7 scheduled for next autumn.

The report is still very interesting because it hints at the great work that’s behind the next iPhone’s processor 7 will happen to the current A9 which is still considered one of the better performing in its class.


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