Twitter Introducing New Timeline Feature

Twitter Introducing a New Home Timeline Feature

Twitter makes available to its users a new feature to the timeline that allows you to stay up to date on all the most relevant tweets of people you follow.

How does it work? Simply enable the new feature from the Settings menu and, once back on Twitter after being away for a while ‘, the Tweet, the most important appear at the top part of the timeline – it will even recent Tweet, arranged in reverse chronological order.

All other Tweet will appear immediately below, also in reverse chronological order, as always. At any time, you have to update the timeline to see all the new Tweet, the classic real-time experience.

We noticed that people who have already had the opportunity to try this new feature tend to tweet and retweet more, creating more interactions and conversations live – certainly a positive trend for all!

To test the new timeline already today it is necessary select “Show me the best Tweet to first” in the Twitter settings. The function will be activated by default for all users in the coming weeks, once the received user feedback. At that point, a notification will appear in the timeline that will alert the user of any such modification.

Anyway the user can disable this option from the settings, even going back to the old tweets ranking algorithm.

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